Xenadrine RFA-1 Review

Xenadrine RFA-1 has been one of the most popular ephedra products used in the battle of the bulge. With 10mg of ephedra per 1 capsule serving, many people have achieved their weight loss goals using this product.
What ingredients are in Xenadrine RFA-1?
335 mg Mahuang
910 mg Guarana
105 mg White Willow Bark
100 mg L-Carnitine
80 mg L-Tyrosine
125 mg Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange)
50 mg Ginger Root
40 mg Vitamin B5
Xenadrine RFA-1 is an excellent thermogenic supplement. It is used to incerease calorie burn by speeding up the metabolism. It increases energy and suppresses appetite, all while preserving precious lean muscle tissue which is difficult to do while dieting alone.
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