Steroid profiles and Guide for Users of Steroids

Steroids are basically hormone derivatives which were first developed to help treat various medical conditions. Initially, they were used to stimulate bone and muscle growth, appetite disorders, chronic wasting conditions etc. But as years went by, scientists carried out more research and discovered that steroids could boost one’s muscular growth and strength considerably in short periods of time. Also, they could burn fat and make an athlete perform multiple times better. This made steroids the choice of thousands upon thousands of sportspeople, bodybuilders, models, highschoolers etc.

Suddenly, there was an explosion in the sales of anabolic steroids and consumers seemed to grow exponentially. Very soon, the countries of the world recognized how dangerous steroids can be and put restrictions on these substances.

It is absolutely necessary for the reader to know about the most commonly used steroids before actually deciding to buy or use them.

Albuterol – Close relative of Clenbuteral, this is a very effective choice for fat-burning and weight reduction. It is a better choice than Clenbuteral for many because of the smaller range of side effects that Albuterol causes. Possible side effects are insomnia and emotional imbalances.

Anadrol – Known as the cheapest bulking agent on the market, it is an excellent alternative to Dianabol. This oral steroid has the ability to add extra pounds within a very short time. Main side effects are increased blood pressure and increased liver enzymes which lead to liver damage.

Anavar – Another oral steroid, Anavar is a highly popular muscle builder. Although quite expensive, this steroid has the ability to pack muscle without adding any bodyweight. Side-effects are rarely noticed with the only common one being an enlarged clitoris.Clenbuterol – A popular fat burner, this is one of the most widely used of its kind. Side effects are increase in blood pressure and enlargement of heart ventricles which can lead to complications.Deca-Durabolin – An amazing steroid for gaining muscle mass and bodyweight. This injectable steroid is popular for causing little or no hormone imbalances. Only side effects are excessive hair growth and increased blood pressure.These are the most commonly used anabolic steroids and the reader must take note of the side effects and take professional help when looking to buy or use these steroids.

Steroid profiles
Anabolic steroids are no easy matter. Without proper information, it’s easy for you to be misled and make the wrong decisions when it comes to buying or using steroids. It should be noted that anabolic steroids are also androgenic. While promoting the cellular growth of the body, they can also significantly influence sexuality. Testoterone is a natural anabolic steroid.

As steroids were found to be extremely efficient in strength and growth enhancement, they’re used by sportsmen and bodybuilders. Not only that, teenagers and models have started preferring them as well.
The following are commonly used steroids:

1. Anadrol – This is a very popular oral steroid. It is known to enhance the production of red blood corpuscles. From the athletic point of view, it increases body weight and strength by boosting muscle size. Its major side effects are premature baldness, excessive growth of body hair and increased acne.

2. Anavar – This mild oral steroid is an effective one for putting on a few extra pounds while adding muscle at the same time. Not only that it also burns fat, which is a major advantage. What makes it popular is that it doesn’t have any noticeable side effects except for a few rare cases of cardiovascular problems

3. Andriol – Another mild, oral steroid, this one doesn’t really do much except for helping muscle growth moderately. Its only strong point is that there have never been any noticeable side effects.

4. Clenbuterol – Oral anabolic steroid. Clen, as it is popularly known, is a highly effective fat-burner. It is also known to increase muscle mass and strength. Its side effects include elevated blood pressure, nausea and high body temperature.

5. Deca-Durabolin – Popular injectable steroid. This is widely used for quick weight gain, while boosting muscle growth at the same time. Its major side effects are increased acne, body hair and enlargement of breasts in men.

6. Dianabol – Acclaimed oral steroid. This one is very popular with bodybuilders looking to gain muscle, increase strength and gain bodyweight. Harmful effects include possibility of cancer (only on overdose), disturbance in muscle structure and excessive growth of body hair.