How To Gain Weight – Add Muscle Mass

Most people don’t hear too much, or know much, about trying to gain weight, but if you’re one of those people that are underweight than learning how to gain weight can be very important information. First of all, you don’t want to gain just any weight, you want to gain lean muscle mass.

By packing on lean muscle mass you will be gaining the tight, toned look that most people want to have instead of looking like the 98 pound weakling that gets sand kicked in their face at the beach. Don’t give up on your workouts and just put on pounds of fat, put on the proper type of weight with lean muscle mass.

Here are some easy to follow tips that can help you pack on a lot of lean muscle weight as quickly as possible and help you get the strength you really want:

1. Of course, you want to eat plenty of nutrient rich, high calorie foods. Things such as whole grain breads, vegetables like avocados and potatoes. Lots of lean red meat along with plenty of chicken and fish. You can eat virtually anything you want just keep things in balance with the right amount of carbs, protein and fat.

2. To increase the number of calories you take in at each meal, you can add olives and avocados to sandwiches and salads and cheese slices to casseroles and other meals. When having pasta add meat to increase the caloric intake.

3. Take some time every week to plan out your menu for the week. It’s very important that you never, ever skip any meals. Sometimes that’s easier said than done that’s why it’s so important to plan ahead since sometimes life can get a little crazy.

4. You can increase your portion size by adding some fruit to your morning cereal or oatmeal or adding another cup of pasta or rice to your main dishes.

5. Cut back on the endless hours of cardio and instead increase the amount of weight training you do. This will help you pack on lean muscle mass which will give you that tight toned look without looking like a scrawny runt.

6. Instead of letting up on your exercise routine, just increase your caloric intake. If you cut back on your workouts you’ll be missing out on that lean muscle that will give you the tight abs and body that you want.

With so many people struggling to lose weight because they are overweight, no one is going to feel too sorry for you if you need to learn how to gain weight. But being underweight can cause just as many issues with both your physical and emotional states as being overweight can. The point is that whether you need to lose weight or gain weight the process is quite similar. You need to pack on as much lean muscle mass as you can, increase your caloric intake so you are taking in more calories than you burn off. That way you’ll not only gain weight, but you’ll gain the ‘right’ type of weight so you don’t just look big, you look buff.