EAS Sports Nutrition Products

EAS Sports Nutrition has a wide array of products that aim to meet individual and unique needs. Depending on their specific goal and the amount you have to take in with each, EAS sports nutrition supplements promote high performance, endurance, fat-burning capacity, strength, power, and size.

High performance athletes must be given high performance nutrition, supplements, and other recovery products accordingly. The various lines of EAS Sports Nutrition provide these while building and defining lean mass and reducing the amount of fat in the body. This is specifically appropriate if one intends not only to make the muscles fuller but also gain enough strength.

One to two servings per day of the EAS Sports Nutrition type, Muscle Armor, support the growth of lean mass through the infusion of Juven Technology ingredients which have already been proven to rejuvenate the muscles and increase their overall strength.

If one is after a healthy blend of vitamins, minerals, and protein, Myoplex Original Powder is the best choice. Two to three servings of this can already bring in the desired effect. Another variant, called Phosphagen Elite, heightens the impact of workouts in the body. Similar to Muscle Armor, one to two servings would be enough.

An example of endurance products under the EAS lineup is VO2 Peak which consists of a blend of essential vitamins, beta-alanine, and rhodiola rosea. Another is Catapult which contains tyrosine, an amino acid known to back-up the functions of the cells and increase mental power.

Another product called endurathon falls under this type which is made up of ribose that is a building block to the regeneration of adenosine triphosphate. Adding up further to the Endurance line of EAS Sports Nutrition is Race Recovery, known to replenish glycogen stores which are somehow depleted during exercise.

In addition to high performance and endurance, EAS Sports Nutrition can also work hand in hand with exercises in the gym to create a cut, lean, and muscular appearance. The products belonging to the Definition line cause muscular development by infusing the body with protein and, at the same time, shedding fat components.

EAS Sports Nutrition again presents a variety of products under this line including Muscle Armor, Thermo DynamX, and Myoplex Lite Powder. As mentioned earlier, Muscle Armor is able to produce desired results through Juven Technology.

Meanwhile, Thermo DynamX speeds up the burning process of fats in the body and heightens the rate of metabolism. Myoplex Lite Powder is a combination of protein, vitamins, and minerals which back up heightened metabolism and lean muscle mass.

Finally, for strength, power, and size, the Gain Line of EAS Sports Nutrition should be in action. The products under this are very much backed up by science and proven to be effective.

Muscle Armor, Phosphagen Elite, and Myoplex Deluxe Powder are examples. The muscles are rejuvenated. The power of workouts is emphasized by delaying lactic acid burn and promoting immediate muscle recovery.

These EAS Sports Nutrition products will achieve their full potential if they are taken in line with religious exercise and workouts in the gym. Simple intake may not really deliver desired results. Certain processes in the body need to be activated through physical exertion before they react effectively with these products.

It is also important to identify, at the very start, the goals and targets for doing the workouts and taking in EAS sports nutrition supplements.