Creatine Naturally Occurring Energy Supplier

You often hear bodybuilders talking about creatine. Have you ever wondered what it is? Well, this naturally occurring amino acid is one of the components that allows your muscles to grow as well as providing energy to the body.

Creatine is produced in the liver but stored in the muscles. That is why the amount of this amino acid can vary significantly from one person to the next.

Since the amount of creatine present is based on the amount of muscle mass someone has, not everyone will have the same amount and as you may have expected body builders will have more than the average person.

Most of the creatine is stored in the muscles with the remaining 2% or so is stored in the heart and brain.

Creatine is popular with the weight training, body building set for three main reasons: it helps produce more energy which makes it easier to get through a grueling workout.

It is thought to help build more muscle mass more quickly and it has also been shown to help repair the microscopic tears that happen when weight training more quickly too.

Even though many people often associate this amino acid with body builders, it’s benefits can be embraced by all people. One group of people, besides body builders, who may gain the greatest benefit from having creatine is the elderly.

That may sound a little odd, but if you think about it, other than athletes, what other group is most in need of the ability to repair tears, improve energy levels and build muscle more than an elderly person?

You see many elderly people who are very thin and don’t have hardly any lean muscle mass. They are often very weak as a result of this. They are also lacking in energy as well as always feeling cold.

Adding more creatine to their diets and building more lean muscle mass as well and increasing their energy levels is just what they need to get more out of their lives.

Another group of people who may be able to benefit from adding some creatine to their diets are those who are trying to lose weight. Since we now know that having more lean muscle mass will actually allow our metabolisms to burn hotter all day everyday, the more lean muscle we have the more we will burn off that unwanted fat.

Also, increasing your energy level can make it easier for you to get through your workouts and stay motivated. When you keep moving you will keep burning fat.

Some people may find some great benefits by taking a creatine supplement. But, you must be careful about the dosage. Too much creatine in your body can result in dehydration, cramps, nausea, gas, diarrhea, low blood pressure and renal stress. Always talk to your doctor before you start taking any supplement to find the best dosage for you.

Many people, not just bodybuilders, may be able to benefit from adding a creatine supplement to their daily diet. Always make sure you discuss any type of dietary changes with your doctor first. All supplements carry a risk if you take the wrong amount or if you have some existing medical issues.