Rapid Sequence Billing

Rapid Sequence Billing is the next step in the revolution of Medical Billing. iBillWell is the only billing solution to provider this function. No more importing and exporting of files needed. No more manually entered information. No more paper files. iBillWell provides Rapid Sequence Billing for all Doctations users. This means that patient demographics, insurance information, CPT, DX, Modifiers, Quantities, Referring Provider information, and fees, are automatically converted to iBillWell. Eligibility, validation, scrubbing, Clearing House submissions and the arrival of the claim to the insurance carrier are all automated. This means that from the time the patient walks into the doctors office to the time the claims is at the insurance company there is no billers manual intervention. Everything is automated. This also includes automated G-Codes for E-Prescribing. This will allow automatic documentation for reimbursement through the Government Incentive Program. Clean information into the system means an increase in your first time accepted submissions for increased cash flow. You can reduce your overhead by 30% just by using the iBillWell Billing Solution.